Ancient Studies

Bronze Age Greece, Rome, Egypt, China

Middle Eastern, Indian, Tribal African, European Artifacts

Egyptian Studies

Old World Metal Casting

Excavations, e.g., Ban Chiang, Thailand

Famous Sculptures

Contemporary Art

Local Artists

American West and Southwest Designs

Native American - Arrowheads, Totems and Masks

Physical sciences, e.g. Volcanoes, Solar System  

Underwater Adventures - Aquatic Sea-life:

Whales, Dolphins, Fish and Shells

Rainforest Animals

Wetlands - Turtles, Frogs and Dragonflies


Winter Birds - Migration

Arctic Blast - Penguins, Igloos, and Polar Bears

Zoo Animals

Life Cycles - e.g. Butterflies

Food Webs/Food Groups     

Northwest Mushrooms       

Literary Figures

Book Report Characters

Bringing Poetry Alive

Historical Events

Community Celebrations

American Statue of Liberty

Seven Wonders of the World

“Hey That’s Me” biographies, self portrait

Famous People -  Historical Busts

Things that Go!  Transportation

Sports Theme

School Mascots

Dance figures through movement - Dance Study

Still Life Studies

Clubs - Animal Breeds, Chess Pieces

Tea Settings (visual, not for food consumption)

Abstract Art Forms

Mini Masterpieces  

Open Studio- Creative Gallery

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