Kristi Douglas is the director for the Student
Bronze Programming at Northwest Artworks and
has been working with the program since 2000.

Kristi Douglas enjoys sharing her passion for the
arts.  She has taught classes for private, public
and non-profit institutions.  

Kristi sees art as an integral part of the human
experience, a way of exploring and  creating
balance in one's life.  Kristi is a child at heart.
Having a great sense of adventure, she follows her
passion for traveling and has journeyed to 17
countries throughout the world.  Much of her
inspiration comes through these experiences
enabling her to explore with her students a wide
range of mediums.
Art is a world to be explored.    

Kristi values quiet moments in nature.  As a child
she enjoyed playing in the wetlands of her
northwest home.  She spent countless hours
drawing and exploring in her free time.  Art has
always been her favorite subject in school.  She
has never lost that spark and sense of wonder.

Kristi creates nurturing class settings where
students are inspired to take pride in experiencing
new mediums. Her classroom environment fosters
creativity while providing a variety of approaches
to new techniques.  She believes students should
have fun integrating art into other academic
disciples thus honoring the whole person.  She is
both committed and dedicated to keeping the arts

Although now she works in a private art practice,
she also spent ten years of working as a full time
public school art specialist creating  many
innovative and award-winning programs.  During
the summer she also led a popular arts adventure
camp for children.

Kristi was chosen to represent her school district
for the Teacher's Leadership Project Award.  She
was also awarded the Leadership for Student
Achievement Award by the Washington
Association of School Administrators.  Her
programs were also mentioned in the Innovation in
Education Award from Washington State Senator

" Bronze sculpture classes are a very "hands on"
experience.  Sculpture is a powerful learning tool
where students have fun integrating state /
national learning standards.  Reading, Writing,
Social Studies can come alive.  Historical and
cultural subject contents can be easily integrated.  
Science can become easier to understand.  Form
starts with basic geometric shapes and enhances
understanding of how math fits into our everyday
lives.  The arts naturally lend themselves to
teaching self discipline too.  Sculpture is a
phenomenal way to master fine motor and problem
solving skills."
-Kristi Douglas, Program Director     

“…she gives individual attention to all the kids
so that they can be successful learners.”
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Kristi Douglas next to Northwest Artworks Foundry
Founder  Ed Pettelle's Big Horn Sculpture.
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